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Welcome to my blog.

Over the years, after lots of conversations and many hours at my desk, I've collected a little knowledge and formed a few opinions. Here, they're all out of my head, and onto the screen. Some thoughts to help clients. A little advice for aspiring creative practitioners. And, of course, an opinion or two. Thanks for reading. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

When I talk with a client about creating a new website, one question I always ask is: Who will add/update content after the new website is published? Most clients like the idea of controlling their site, but often don’t know what’s involved. To help, I ask two more questions and offer some guidance.

An effective creative brief contains all the information your creative team will need to do their work: Audience, media, budget, and logistical details. But there‘s one ingredient, above all others, that should be focused on, and included in your brief – Communication Context.

A box of brochures lands on your desk, fresh from the printer. They look good, but when you compare them to the brochures printed last month you notice it – the logo color looks off. It’s a little darker compared to the others. Why does it look different? If you ask your designer, you'll most likely hear a heavy sigh followed by “It’s complicated.”

“Should we do a blog?” It’s a great question clients often ask when starting a new website project. Perhaps they’ve read that a blog is necessary for successfully promoting a business online. Sometimes their competitor has a blog and they want to keep up.

My answer: “Yes, but...”

If you don’t know what a domain name registrar is, you’re in good company. Not many people do. But, if you own or run a business, and you need a website and email, a domain name registrar is necessary. I call it “the master key.” – all Internet services related to your business are controlled through your registrar.